The Best NJ Home Inspector: 6 Tips to Choosing

In this piece from our Tips & Advice section, we are going to discuss: 6 Tips For Choosing the Best NJ Home Inspector.

Most commonly, a person chooses a home inspector by going to Google and searching for NJ home inspectors OR get a referral from areal estate agent or friend.  So how do you choose? Each home inspector is provided with the standards of practice upon licensing and is taught how to perform inspections.  But that isn’t enough.  There is more to it than a list of what is to be inspected and what isn’t.  Technology, attentiveness, honestly, thoroughness, communication, reliability- all of these are just as important if not more!  Buying a home is typically your largest investment, so ensure that you choose wisely!


Here are our 6 tips for choosing the best NJ home inspector to perform your home inspection.

  1. Referrals:
    Your real estate agent may suggest their opinions as to the best NJ home inspector in your area, typically 2-3, for you to choose from if you don’t have an inspector in mind already. If you have friends or family who have recently gone through the process, ensure that you ask them for recommendations as well.  Don’t just randomly pick from the list.  Do your due diligence.  A person may have had a good experience and is eager to recommend or vice versa (as is the case for every referral in life).
  2. Websites and technology used:
    Does your inspector have a web site? Is it modern and easy to navigate?  Technology changes.  Ensure that the inspector is up to date with technology for ease of reporting and inspecting.  Although the same standards of what to inspect don’t change, how the observations are reported and the tools used do change!  Is it going to be faxed? Is it going to contain pictures?  Will the pictures be online or on a CD?  Will the inspector know the more sophisticated thermostats and utilities installed today?  Are they using binoculars to view a non-walkable roof or a drone?  Is the report typed in Microsoft Word or is it more sophisticated providing you standards and information that are easy to read with a software such as Home Gauge?  Real Estate is a big investment and the industry is competitive and the world is ever changing.  Check out the company you are going to hire and ensure you are getting the best NJ home inspector you can to protect your future!
  3. Sample Reports:
    Have you viewed a sample report? You want to ensure it is easy to read and understand.  You also want to ensure it covers all of the areas that a home inspection should!  A report should cover and present to you each area that is inspected and their observations.  The best home inspection software we have found on the market, is Home Gauge.  Yes, there are others, but it offers you the client as well as us the inspectors so much to offer in our services.  We looked and researched and tested some out but ultimately chose Home Gauge for you guys!
  4. What is and is not included in the home inspection?
    In most cases, radon and wood destroying organisms are additional. Check out their additional services offered and see what is recommended based on your location.  Ask for pricing, discounts available, etc.  For example, is the inspector capable of collecting a sample if mold is visible during the inspection?  If there is a tree on the property that is suspected to contain any issues, can they assist you in identifying it while they are on site?  Ensure you are getting the best home inspection you can, by the best NJ home inspector.  You deserve it.  Most do cover statewide, not just their town where they do business.  Keep that in mind too!
  5. Choose more than 1 AND leave time according to your contract.
    Have one in mind before you are under the gun to get the inspection done. Want to be smarter?  Choose more than 1.  Why?  If the inspector is unavailable in your window to get the inspection done, you’ll be back to the drawing board.  It’s not a bad idea to have 2 that you have researched.  Also, know your dates.  During busy seasons at times, some inspectors can be backed up for a week or so.  (Here at JLC, we schedule our clients quickly to accommodate their dates AND due to our efficient scheduling are able to schedule within 24-48 hours!)  Don’t wait until the last minute!
  6. Pricing:
    You’ve heard you get what you pay for, right?  Just because the inspector is the cheapest you spoke to, don’t stop there.  Keep researching the tips above and do not hire an inspector just based on price alone.  If they happen to be the cheapest and the best from what you’ve researched?  That is awesome.  Check out JLC Home Inspection prices- click here.  But pricing on an inspection should not be why you choose the inspector.  Why?  Most inspectors offer competitive pricing, as each area and home size typically has an average price.


If you have not yet learned how to choose the best NJ home inspector, check out our offerings.  They speak for themselves!