If you want to hear first hand from some of our customers, check out our reviews in one of these spots:



After you click on the above links, here are some MORE reviews, straight from our clients that we’ve received through E-Mail, Square and our Software!


E-Mails From Customers:

Hi Jason thank you so much for a great job on my home Inspection.  I’m very happy and satisfied with your services I look forward to working with you again. -Amos

I was very happy with the work you did for me. You did a great job on the inspection of my new home.- David

Jason thank you so much you were a great choice.  I will mention to Rachael in the office and recommend you highly. -Dan

Jason, Thank you for everything!  We really do appreciate your thoroughness and the amount of detail you gave us. Have a great day – Kristin

From a Realtor who has been in the industry with his wife for over 30 years and hired JLC Home Inspections to inspect their new home:

Hello Guys,


I wanted to thank you for both your personal and professional manner and courtesy in helping address my inspection and making it a priority during a time-sensitive situation; Jason’s inspection was thorough and the report well-crafted.


To Mrs. Christopher:  I am so very grateful and pleased with the pleasant manner and grace with which you made me feel. I was immediately assured and comforted in the process — especially given so little notice. As the “Gate-Keeper,” the importance of you initial warmth and respect can not be understated. In many cases as you know, First Impression is a “Make or Break” moment. Again, Thank you.


To Mr.Christopher: I may as well duplicate what I’d just written about your better half 😉  You’d gone the extra yard, with high proficiency — again both personally AND professionally. I appreciate that. I also learned how “high-tech” and clever “low-tech” have their place 🙂


It’s not easy to make the process *seem* easy and effortless. Yet so well done. This is the goal we all strive to aim for. To actually achieve it demonstrates a gold standard that you’ve easily set and met.


Over the years (30+) I have had the opportunity to meet and work with countless clients, customers, and professionals. I have cautiously made recommendations. In your case, mine and Judy’s will easily be one we can make with complete confidence. By extension, you would be a reflection of myself or Judy. We will be proud to associate ourselves with JLC. Judy and I will also pass the word to other professionals.


Since I don’t participate in social media but would like to articulate and share my experience with you, I’d be happy to do so at some other consumer-based venues — if you can recommend those sites.


Again, our gratitude…And God bless you and your family…