We have compiled the top questions we receive and ones that you may have.  Whether it is your 1st home or your 5th, it’s an investment.  No question is too big or too small.


What is a home inspection?

We classify it normally as an inspection from the driveway to the back deck.  For exactly what is covered, Click Here.  In a nutshell, when you hire a home inspector, you are hiring a neutral 3rd party to come in and give you facts about the home pertaining to functionality and safety.  With that, you are then able to get a better idea of the financial needs you may have now or in the future.


Do I need a home inspection?

If you are mortgaging the home, most banks require it.  From another stand point, the money spent will assist you in understanding the condition of the home and what may be needed moving forward for functionality and safety.  The expense of the inspection is one of the most important expenses you can make.


How long does a home inspection take?

The average time is 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours for a home under 2,500 square feet.


How long until I receive the report?

The report is generated after the inspection, not during.  You will receive it within 24 hours of the inspection close time.


How far in advance should I schedule the home inspection?

Once you get the all clear from your agent/attorney, give us a call.  Generally, you have anywhere from 7 – 14 calendar days to get your home inspection done (this is all detailed during your attorney review period, so pay attention!).  We do not recommend waiting to call, as in the busier times, we may be booked up to a week in advance.  If you want us to “pencil you in”, we have no problems doing that.  Say for example you should be out of review by Wednesday and Friday is the only day you can attend.  Let us know.  We do not charge cancellation fees, we just ask that you work with us and keep us advised.


Also be aware that you need to align 4 peoples schedules.  Yours, the inspectors, the agent who assisted you in buying the home and the sellers.  If the home is vacant, you don’t necessarily have to arrange for the sellers to vacate the home for the time frame, but your agent does need permission to access the home.


Who should attend the home inspection?

If you are able to attend your inspection, we encourage it.  Why?  You will see what the inspector sees and you can discuss it with him.  As he finds items to report on, he points them out to you.  He may be able to explain that the suction line for example, will be a $5 fix with materials from a hardware store.  Ask questions, follow through the home with the inspector.  Either way, after you receive the report, call us / email / text with any questions you have thereafter.


Do you give a grade of pass/fail?

No.  We were hired as a neutral party to come in and inspect the home and provide to you what we recommend being done for functionality/safety.  Many times, that means, we will refer you to somebody whom can assist you in fixing it for you and provide pricing such as a heating and cooling company.


Do you walk the roof?  I see you have a drone, but do you also walk the roof?

Yes, we do.  If it is walkable, we will walk it!  If not, he will utilize the drone when applicable and see inside the attic as well the condition.


Do you provide price estimates of repairs?

No.  Why?  We don’t operate a heating and air conditioning company.  We don’t know how much a compressor may cost, or the time that it will take to perform the job that needs to be done.  As a result, we can’t give you a real price.  When buying a home, we can’t say oh it’ll be like $500.  Come to find out, you have a rare piece missing and the part alone will be $500.  You should consult, as you normally would, with a contractor or trade specialist who will perform the job to get an accurate price.


Will you tell me yes or no to buying the home?

No.  We provide to you the information you need to understand the needs physically and financially to further discuss with the appropriate parties.


Why should I hire you?

We take pride in this profession and have your best interest at heart.  We treat clients as we expect to be treated.  We perform the best job that we can.  What we aren’t doing, is working to keep the deal going for financial gains of any party.  We are working to inform you of the functionality, safety and financial picture of the home. We put your needs first and are going to give you the information you need on the largest investment you can make.


Listen to our clients.  Read our reviews.  Talk to us and interview us yourself!


Who will be performing my inspection?

We are a family owned and operated business.  The reviews that you see online, the referrals that you received from friends and colleagues, all came in under 1 inspector – Jason, the owner.  We have reached a point and discussed it numerous times in the busiest seasons, should we bring in another inspector ?  The answer we keep coming back with is no.  Why?  We can’t control others.  We have worked very hard to build this company and brand.  What if we bring somebody in who may or may not hold the same outlook during inspections, reports and dealing with clients?  If that ever changes, our clients will know up front.  We book accordingly and always try and accommodate your timing as when we can.  However, we NEVER sacrifice the quality of the inspection or report.


Call / text / email us anytime!