Before You Make An Offer

When you are looking at a home, be observant.  Before putting in an offer, take notice of items that you wish to ask the seller about or alert the home inspector to.  Take notes.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  By asking, you can get reassurance from the right people at a critical time.


Here are some areas to be considerate of while previewing the home.

  1. Foundation: Do you see any cracks or settling in the walls and ceilings or outside?
  2. Are there trees encroaching on foundation or roof?
  3. Are there any soggy areas outside? Or puddles that you noticed?
  4. What is the condition of the roof? The age?
  5. What is the exteriors makeup and condition? Do you need to do any painting? Are gutters intact? Are the downspouts attached? Are there loose or dangling wires? Missing boards or shingles?
  6. Did you look inside the attic? Does the interior appear ok? Signs of leaks?
  7. Evidence of leaks inside? Check ceilings and windows (the inspector shall inspect each window).
  8. If there is a basement and/or crawlspace, did you notice dampness? Insulation?
  9. Electrical: all switches work? Did you notice any malfunctions or phantom switches?
  10. Plumbing: did you notice any noises or malfunctions when you turn on the sink or flush the toilet?
  11. Appliances? Age and condition of stove, dishwasher and refrigerator?
  12. Heating & cooling? What is the temperature of the home when you are in it? Comfortable?
  13. Did you notice any odor?